Bus ticket, routes, trips and travels management system. This system provides 4 languages(English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish) to users. This system provides the company, sell tickets on web, mobile, office and on agency web platforms. Also, check earnings reports, cancel tickets/travels and full operations on the system. The system is working on Ukraine generally; but completely flexible, the manager can create new routes, trips, and travels. Also the system services abroad trips (Czech Republic, Poland).


The API provides the data to other FrontEnd platforms. Flepron uses the RestFul C# WCF services for developing the APIs.

Management WEB

On this system, users can manage trips, travels, routes, prices, and the other(Users, countries, cities, operation parameters vb.) parameters. Also, users can read the reports on this platform.

pic 1: fLines Management Dashboard

Office WEB

There are “Sell Bus Ticket”, Cancel Bus Ticket”, “Travels”, “Travel Detail”, Ticket Report”, “Canceled Ticket Report” and cash report modules on this platform. Also, users can manage their travel and see travel details.

pic 2: fLines Office Sell Ticket

Agency WEB

The saved agencies on the system can log in to the system and they can sell a ticket for the company. The agencies are working for some commissions (%10, %15 e.g.). Every agency has their risk limits. The risk limits are set in the management platform. The agency can sell a ticket to the risk limits. The agency can sell a ticket, cancel a ticket, manage their branches and manages users via this system.

pic 3: fLines Agency Web Cancel Ticket

Public WEB

The passenger who is wanting to buy a ticket from this company, they can buy a ticket with online payment. The passengers can plan their trip, can see travel clubs, FAQ e.g. Also the passengers can cancel their tickets. Also, users can be sign-up, login, facebook login or google login for track their travel history. On this page, the passengers can rent a bus or sprinter for Kyiv city.

For visit this site you can use: Visit Site

pic 4: fLines Customer Web Landing Page

Public Mobile

On the Apple Store and the Play Store, we have an app for buying tickets from this system. The passengers can download the app to their phones and they can plan their trip, buy tickets, cancel tickets and see the news from the company.
Passengers can use sign-up, login, facebook login or google login for managing their travel history.

pic 5: fLines Customer Mobile Splash

pic 6: fLines Customer Mobile Travel List

Agency API

Some agencies have their FrontEnd programs in Ukraine. They connect to the API for selling the companies tickets. The agencies which use the API: PrivatBank, I-Travels, BusFor…
The API provides to the agencies; travel list, sell tickets, cancel tickets and some reports.