fCatalog (ithalduvarkagidi.com)

For presentation wallpapers to visitors this site is developed. On this site firstly appears a slider which shows the quality wallpapers. The visitors can see the slogan, last added wallpapers, most popular wallpapers and the blogs which content manager set to site. Also on this site visitors can see catalogs, products and product details and brands are presented on this site.

Visitors can comment to products and can rate them on this site. The project can re-order the most popular products regarding to visitors rates and comments. There are 3 platforms on this project For visit this site you can use: Visit Site


This api provides data from database to FrontEnd platforms. The api provides to services end EndPoints. The API developed by C# RestFul WCF services.

WebSite (ithalduvarkagidi.com)

The site which opened to marketplace. The visitors can check the wallpapers on this site

pic 1: fCatalog Landing Page
pic 2: fCatalog Catalog

Management Panel

With this panel the manager can manage the website for visitors. All parameters can be manageable in this panel. Also the manager can manage the contents with this panel
The modules on this platform:


  • Products base management, manager can define what kind of wallpaper will be in the site
  • Products brand management, manager can define which brands will be wallpapers
  • Catalogs management, manager can define which product catalog will be defined.
  • Origin management, manager can define which origins will be defined in the site.
  • Product group management
  • Product(WallPaper) management
  • Notice management, which the user can see on the site
  • References management
  • Page management, this is for content management.
  • Blog management

pic 3: fCatalog Product List
pic 4: fCatalog Brand List
pic 5: fCatalog Product List