The project is for manage the stock about smells. The company which is using the project they are selling the smells to shops in the shopping centers. The shops asks some smells for demo. The shops tries the shops inside them, if they like the smell the selling will be realized.

The company manages the their stock in the storages with this project. They can see which shops request which smells in the system. The project project provides some reports to read stock amounts.

There are 2 platforms on this project


This api provides data from database to FrontEnd platforms. The api provides to services end EndPoints. The API developed by C# RestFul WCF services.

Management Panel

The manager can manage the stocks, wastages, stock transactions, smells e.g. with this panel.


  • Smell Definition: User can defines the smells inside the system with this module.
  • Smells Piramide: Every smell has their special piramides. It shows to us the smell how created, which levels there are.
  • Demo Process: This module provides to user send the smell to demo(trying the smell inside the shop). If the shops manager likes the smell, the smell turns to signed and sales is realized.
  • Stock: This module provides to user defines stock amount for the smells.
  • Wastages: This module is for define the wastages inside the system. The manager uses the module some smells wasted or some dropped e.g.
  • Stock Transactions: With this module user can see the stock transaction like a table.
  • Account Process: With this module user can manage the accounts(Shops).
  • Smell Parameters: When user defines a smell some parameters which has to been defined. Smell direction, smell type, smell family, smell effect...
  • User Management: Manager can manage the users who will use the system.


  • Stock transaction report
  • Demo transaction report
  • Account-Demo transaction report
  • Stock amount report

fSmellBank Bank Account List
pic 1: fSmellBank Bank Account List fSmellBank Smell List
pic 2: fSmellBank Smell List fSmellBank Stock Transactions
pic 3: fSmellBank Stock Transactions