Sales Confirmation System (Arcelik Dealers)

Sales Confirmation System (Arcelik Dealers)

Some Arcelik dealers wants to make confirmation system on their sales logic. When the confirmation sales appear in the system, the manager gets a notification(E-mail, SMS) and the notification redirects the user to this site.

When the manager opens the site the waited confirmations sales list appears and the manager can check the sales details and they can do confirmation or rejection on their sales. There are 2 platforms on this project


This api provides data from database to FrontEnd platforms. The api provides to services end EndPoints. The API developed by C# RestFul WCF services.

Web Management Panel

The panel is for check the confirmation list and see the sales details.

fSilver Login
pic 1: Sales Confirmation List fSilver Stock Operation
pic 2: Sales Confirmation Details