The system is laundry app for who wants to get dry cleaning services. It is a marketplace application. The project has 5 platforms.

Dry Cleaner platform (Web)

The platform for dry cleaners, they can manage their information on this system. The informations which they can manage on the platform. The dry cleaner manage the working hours in a day, holidays, serving areas, product prices (item prices), payment informations, users, couriers e.g.

When the dry cleaner gets any order in 30 minute they can reject the order, if not reject or confirm its automatically confirmed.

The courier automatically assigned to the order, but the dry cleaner can change it. When the dry cleaner assigns any order to courier, courier gets an email.

The dry cleaner can check its statistic on this platform. The statistic shows how many orders successfully / unsuccessfully, earnings, ratings and comments.

pic 1: f1temiz Order List pic 2: f1temiz Statistics pic 3: f1temiz Couriers pic 4: f1temiz Shop Information pic 4: f1temiz Item Pricing

Courier Platform (Web / Mobile)

With these platforms the couriers can see the orders which assigned to the itself. It can follow its orders, can make process(pick-up items, drop-off items) on them and check its performance, follow the tips, comment and ratings report and settings on the application.

The jobs assigned to couriers before 12 hours from job. Couriers can see and schedule the orders. When the courier wants to complete the job, the app shows the address, customer informations(Phone number, email, picture e.g.).

pic 5: f1temiz Courier Menu(App)
pic 6: f1temiz Courier Settings(App)
pic 7: f1temiz Courier Tips(App)
pic 8: f1temiz Courier Orders(App)
pic 9: f1temiz Courier Orders pic 10: f1temiz Courier Pick-up

Customer Platform (Web / Mobile)

With this platform the customers can see the dry cleaners, check prices, comments, ratings and places order to dry cleaner. When the customer places order and then checks all statuses on these platforms.

1Temiz Customer provides to customers send gift to each other. The customers can place order with these gifts.


  • Sign-up, login, facebook login, google login
  • Place order
  • Track the order in all statuses
  • Check the order history
  • Check price for dry cleaners
  • Send gift to other customers
  • Setting; change address, add payment methods(Credit cards), change language, coupons, received gives.
pic 11: f1temiz Customer Login(Mobile - IOS)
pic 12: f1temiz Customer Login(Mobile - IOS)
pic 13: f1temiz Customer Settings(Mobile - IOS)
pic 14: f1temiz Customer Dry Cleaner(Mobile - IOS)
pic 15: f1temiz Customer Landing page(Web) pic 16: f1temiz Customer Mobile App Explanation(Web) pic 17: f1temiz Customer Dry Cleaner Application(Web) pic 18: f1temiz Customer Order List(Web)

Order Management / Agent(Call center) (Web)

This platform is for agents (call centers) to manage the requests from customers, dry cleaners and couriers. On this platform the call center can do every modules on dry cleaner, courier and customer.

Customer, courier and supplier calls to the call center and tells to what they want. For example when customer can not change the order address, can call to the call center for change the address.

Most Used Modules

  • Place order for customer
  • Complete pick-up job for courier
  • Complete drop-off job for courier
  • Change order address for customer
  • Change order pick-up date for customer
  • Change order drop-off date for customer
  • Set serving area for dry cleaner
  • Change product price for dry cleaner
  • Change the working hours for dry cleaner
  • Add product to order for dry cleaner
  • Accept the order for dry cleaner